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er yeah it wasn't that funny, felt let down after that and also you stole a joke from family guy where he falls asleep at the conveyer belt in the factory line only this time it was with hooch rather than toys. disappointed guys...

hope the movie is worth the wait..


its definately an improvment on the original, animation is noticeably better and is shorter as you said. Still feels slow somehow but not as slow as the orig. Never watched the whole thing before! Got too bored to watch the rest! lol

But anyway this may bring more people to your other animations and see your best work. So I think it was a good move to bring this out. Good job!

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Bobert-Rob responds:

Definitely different, that's for sure. Still isn't the best, obviously, but not everything I release is going to be great in all aspects, heh. Thanks for commenting and watching!

heh pretty good

liked the personification of the stradegy guide most from the main movie, but i actually prefered the easter egg! lol As usual the sound is great (you being a voice actor obviously helps) the animation no doubt has improved, you've been putting a lot more time and effort into your drawing which is good! XD Hope the next few movies are of similar quality!

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The game was good but there was not really any sound. Apart from that it was good.

Kickass Zelda Game!!

I've seen just about all your work and each flash is awesome! This game is no different but my only complaint is where's his sword? He should be able to stab people.Oh well anyway great game Flash Bros!

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okay but different i suppose

I liked how the beat and bass line were just made up with 'titty ditty' and 'boob' was strangely entrancing :P didn't find it that funny tho, not lol funny anyhoo. i found the verses catchier than the chorus which was a weird thing but this song has a wierd subject matter so i'll let ya off :P

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

ok... thanks for the listen and review, though!

yeah, i guess weird is what i was going for, as much as anything :P

cheers again.

lmao XD

that was awesome, vocals sounded kinda James Hetfield/Dave Mustaine which added to the hilarity of the song. Solo had me in stitches! Reading your comment below about startin off with one line then creating a who;e song after it, its exactly how me and my friend operate when writing songs! Hope you make more cos this song is one of the funniest things ive heard on newgrounds

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TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

"this song is one of the funniest things ive heard on newgrounds"

cheers man, you praise too highly... but i'll take it :D


I'm not one for classical music but this is pretty good! Mainly because there is no repetitiveness(apart from the waltz obv!). good job

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TheNossinator responds:

Thanks for the review, I appreciate it.


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