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2008-10-28 14:31:58 by guyver01

well guys halloween is upon us in 2 days... and I'll be stuck in co-op while people are out partying/trick or treating/coming into the shop and stealing stuff as a lot of the wee bastards from round here seem to be increasingly doing. Funnily tho not very well. They mostly get caught lol was thinking about penning a halloween song...hmm maybe reflect how shit it is working while everyone is having fun... we'll see.

On a lighter note, things are starting to come together with my writing of an animation, ideas for gags and a main storyline have been bouncing around my head. just hope i don't forget them :S I'll write them down soon for the sake of my sanity and MAYBE actually finish an animation this time!

Well Happy Halloween Newgrounders!



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