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Butt plugs and big stonners are his game, Timothy is his name.

2008-08-12 05:17:37 by guyver01

I released a song onto Newgrounds called timothy the gay catepillar because animating a cartoon takes too long to put on newgrounds. A song on the other hand is quick to write and record so I think I'll stick with songs for a while. I still dunno whether to stick my old mgs animation on here. I don't think I'll ever be arsed animating a long animation so should I stick it up anyway? Thoughts? Anyone?


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2008-10-19 05:35:44

You Mayaswell, I've seen ur art on the forums - You're pretty good! I'd like to see some work from ya! =)

guyver01 responds:

thanks for your encouraging thoughts, but i decided not to submit it. went back n looked at it and its 1.not funny 2. half the buttons on the menu don't mork 3. the animation is lazy at best.

You see i know im not bad at drawing, im not even that bad at animating! but its the writing thats difficult! I can never seem to pull a story together and have it drive through with the amount of gags i want. i once had a full saw parody! it was long enough to be feasible, design was great i thought and funnily enough it was...well funny! but i looked at it a week later and thought.: 'wtf was i thinking this isn't funny!' i then just scrapped it. i need to sit down n actually write something and just animate it no matter what.

Sorry for ranting on just your comment but unfortunatly yours is the only comment! lol thanks